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Olympia Theatre

Olympia Theatre Dublin Ireland
Venue: Olympia Theatre 

Address: 72 Dame Street, Dublin 2
Telephone: 00353 (01) 6793323

The Olympia is a beautifully preserved theatre in the heart of Dublin City, and one of Dublin's most loved music venues. It hosts a wide range of events every year including live music, comedy & theatre shows. No building in Dublin recalls the Victorian Music Hall more readily than the Olympia Theatre, with its glass canopy, supported by ornamental pillar and wrought iron scrollwork. Situated opposite Dublin Castle in the heart of the city, and just 5 minutes from our hotel, the theatre was designed by John Callaghan, a well known architect of the time, for Dan Lowrey who opened his new theatre, known as The Star of Erin, on the site of the present Olympia Theatre on December 22nd, 1878.
Over its formative years many world famous names in the theatre and film world have appeared on the stage in the Olympia.  These include Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Tyrone Power, Noel Coward, Alec Guinness, Dame Edith Evans, Marcel Marceau and many more... The stellar reputation of the theatre is proved time & time again when world famous acts request intimate shows here for their Irish fans. In recent years they’ve had big names such as: REM, Radiohead, David Bowie, Morrissey, Muse, Kings Of Leon, Michael Buble, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Florence & The Machine, Bryan Adams, Mumford & Sons, Adele, Queens Of The Stone Age & Noel Gallagher, all of whom chose the relatively small venue to host shows here when they could have sold out large arenas.
The ornate doors of The Olympia Theatre have been open & welcoming patrons for the last 116 years,  and will remain open for many future generations to come. Gary Barlow Olympia Theatre

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